I have so many “hobbies” that it is hard to multi-task them all.  I like to knit, with a dash of crochet.  I love to game, World of Warcraft is my old love that I can never seem to get away from.  I love to watch Netflix and Hulu.  The latter is dominated by me knitting of course.


I’m quirky and a bit opinionated.  Also a geek and dork far too often.  I like myself, you should too!  Don’t be surprised if my posts go off into tangents or if I just go off in general.  The name might say this is a knitting blog, but don’t let that fool you.

I live with my husband.  We share our lovely home with Thor, Zeus, Loki, Odin, Jack, Sally, Onyxia, and unnamed.  We love exotic pets and I’ll talk about all of them on this blog.  We’re buying a home soon and I’ll get into gardening, raising chickens, and canning!

Let’s Connect!

I want to start off by saying, you do not have to feel obligated at all!  I’m doing this so I can forge new connections in other aspects of my fiber-life (or not-so-fiber-life).

I love to follow other crafters and if you drop your link in my comment box (or email me at crazedpurls at gmail dot com) I will be more than happy to follow you!

If you’re interested in following me, my social sites are on my sidebar.  It  took me an entire evening to get those social media buttons so please use them :p


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