Happy New Year

We rang in the new year with a bang. DH was hospitalized with chest pain Tuesday night. We also had gunfire in our neighborhood during New Year’s celebrations.

I’ll start by stating that DH is fine. He couldn’t sleep Monday night and complained about shortness of breath and a weight on his chest. He had a weird EKG at the Urgent Care clinic and they sent him straight to the nearest ER. We were out of the ER quickly and they did another EKG before assigning him to a room in the ER.

They admitted him for observation and testing. There was no place for me to sleep so I went home. I couldn’t sleep and finally closed my eyes around 3 am or so. I was up early and got to the hospital by 9 am. He saw a cardiologist and had an electrocardiogram. His triglycerides were bad and his bad cholesterol was in the safe zone but high in it. They released him in the early afternoon on New Year’s Eve and we went to bed early that night around 6 pm. Neither of us had slept good the night before and we were exhausted.

Fireworks woke me up at midnight, I know because I looked at the time on my phone. It was really loud and I couldn’t go back to sleep for a while. I heard the pops and bangs and the sound of fireworks exploding.

I also heard what I thought was glass breaking, but my dreary mind blamed it on the bearded dragons scratching on their glass. Turns out I was wrong.

DH was up before me and we only noticed the broken glass on the sliding glass door when I was making breakfast. I thought someone’s firework went off wrong and hit it. Turns out it was some idiot across the lake celebrating with their firearm.

We called the police to file a report and
They found two more bullet holes, one in our grill and the other in a satellite dish. We were lucky with the grill because it just missed the propane tank. We don’t use the satellite because we have cable.

DH will follow up with a cardiologist and do a stress test. He got meds for cholesterol and is feeling better. I don’t expect to hear from the police about our report but stranger things have happened.

We remain positive and are thankful no one was hurt. It had been a rough few days but we are alive and well with healthy New Year’s resolutions in mind. I plan on knitting more and cooking healthier. This year we will buy a house and I look forward to whatever 2015 has to offer.


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    • He is doing great, thank you for asking! He has needed to lose weight only he wasn’t self-motivated to do anything about it. Change has to come from within and he has been doing well with my support.

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