Another Week Gone

So the Mister was successful in making me sick.

On Saturday we visited my mom and she cooked breakfast. Delish! We had to drive an hour to get there and had plans in the area at six for his mother’s birthday dinner.

So we ended up going to get my oil changed and shopped while waiting. It was miserable because of my runny nose. Mike ended up finding tissues (we were at WalMart) for me to use.

The car wasn’t ready by the time we were done so my mom and I were talking about my birthday present, a bearded dragon! We haven’t bought it yet and she actually knew someone who was trying to sell theirs. Yay!

Sunday was blah and I stayed home Monday.

I wanted to stay home on Tuesday, thought about calling in sick again.  A few miles from work another car slammed into mine.  Long story short, I’m alive if banged up some and I didn’t work on Tuesday.  I should have just stayed home lol.

It was a long workweek since I had so much to catch up on.  I worked late every day until the weekend saved me.

We went South to meet my mom for lunch on Saturday for my birthday.  The Denny’s we went to was fail.  We were left with another trip South to meet my present, Jack the Bearded Dragon.

He’s cool.

This is how he sleeps.

That bit of hanging skin is him shedding. I pulled it out of the tank this morning.

Someday Jack will have a cage-mate, Sally.  For now he is content to eat crickets and worms with his daily salad.


4 thoughts on “Another Week Gone

  1. Wow, that was a crazy start to your week! Hope you’re doing better!
    Jack looks cute! Lol….even though I’m not a big fan of lizards. Glad the end of your week ended better!


    • I’m glad its all over! I still have lots of work that’ll probably keep me late at work the next few days, sadly none of it has to do with me being out!
      Jack is cute, he is slowly showing us his personality.


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