I’m so sad face right now…

So I went to change my name on Ravelry and guess what?  It is already TAKEN 😦

I cannot add enough sad faces to this post to equal the upsets here.

The user who has the name permanently removed for use joined almost two years ago and is obviously not active ever.

I need your help.  I wanted it to be “Mistine” but now I can’t use it because Ravelry doesn’t recycle usernames, even for deleted accounts.

Here are rules for usernames, perhaps our collective creativity will come up with something great!

  1. Your username must be at least three but no more than 17 characters long and can only include letters and numbers. Symbols and spaces are not allowed and will cause problems.
  2. The only exception to the symbols limitation is that dashes (-) are allowed, but they should not be placed at the beginning of a username. Names that start with a dash cannot be magic linked or found via search because the search function will interpret the dash as meaning “not.”
  3. Also, user names are not recycled. You cannot use a name that someone else used previously. You may change back to a name you used previously, but that does count against your three available changes.

I’d like to keep “Mistine” in some form without changing the actual spelling.  I was thinking of using the dash but I’m not sure what I’d put on the other side!


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