Name Change + Labels

So I changed my name.  Not the name of my blog, just my profile name.

I’ve carried the nickname Cinnamon around for a very long time.  It had to do with the way my initials, back then CMN, sounded when spoken fast.  Add in the red hair I’m always pretending is my natural color and the name took.

Originally I was going to call my blog “Cinnful Knits” but it had the wrong feel for it.  I’m not making adult-themed items and the play on words would be more confusing than awesome.  I kept my nickname as Cinn because I’ve used it in the fiber world since I joined it.

Today I officialy became Mistine.  This is the name bestowed upon me by my SO’s nephews.  I’d like to think of them as my nephews too, I feel as though I’m already a part of the family.  My real name is Christine and the youngest mixed my name and the name of the SO’s old roomate together.

The name took and I even sign birthday/holiday cards with Mistine.  I like it.  I play World of Warcraft and my Panda Monk is also named Mistine.  Later it was realized how appropriate her name was considering she is a Mistweaver Monk responsible for healing.

I tried to change my name in Ravelry, however if I recall correctly this isn’t something I can do myself.  I think I have to message Casey and beg or something.  I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

I ordered some labels to add to my knitted items I’m handing out as gifts.  I found the shop via Chasity at Purls just wanna have fun. She recommend them and I’ve always wanted to acquire this type of label. It seemed fate decided it was time!

The name of the shop is MountainStreetArts.  While I haven’t tried out their products yet, I placed an order for care labels and cards I can attach to each project that name me as the knitter.

I’d rather attach a removable card and leave the care instructions sewed onto the knitted piece.  This way the garment will always be cared for properly regardless of who ends up with it.  Sewing in two labels just to put my name on it seemed a bit much.

I’m excited and I can’t wait to get my order.  I’ll post pictures!


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