I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t had the energy for it.  I don’t even have new pictures to show because the pictures I’ve taken are of a gift and I don’t want it revealed until this Saturday.

I could just take pictures of random things, but this requires energy.

I’ve been working on a dress that is more than likely going to become a tunic.  Or a short dress.  It’ll be a top of some sort and will require leggings more than likely.  I altered the pattern after I finished with the bodice.  I did the same thing another knitter did, use feather and fan stitches for the skirt.  The only issue is I failed to think ahead — well actually I did but I was hoping it’d turn out alright.  This pattern calls for cotton because, I assume, it is a heavier yarn.  Therefore it’ll swish and sway as the wearer moves around.  This would look lovely with feather and fan.

We’ll I’m using acrylic.  I usually never do, however I purchased a bunch of Knit Picks Brava during last year’s Cyber Monday.  I was able to use all of the colors except one.

The SO thinks I’m crazy.  I tried to explain that as a knitter, patterns are basically just a recipe and you’re allowed (encouraged?) to make alterations for fit and/or style.  I even kept notes.  I plan on knitting another, maybe, but completely altering the style so it is a unisex pattern.  We’ll see.

It’s Friday and that means only one more annoying day left of work and then I have another long weekend.  I didn’t even realize it was a holiday weekend because I’ve been so busy with everything else.

I hope everyone else has a beautiful day.


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