Surgery and Designing

I had surgery yesterday.  Nothing too major, but hopefully the results will be.

I have a herniated disk in my back from a car accident earlier this year.  This surgery was attempted to relieve some of the pressure around the nerves so I stop having sciatica and can actually move around without pain.

I found out that while my veins appear superficial, they are very deep.  It took the nurses three tries to get an IV needle in.  You see, I have translucent skin.  While this is great for colorful tattoos, it gives the bad impression that my veins are right there and easy to get to.  No such luck.  Let me tell you, this IV needle experience hurt worse than my first tattoo and I told her as such.  No hard feelings, they were doing their best and had my comfort in mind the entire time.

Short after I kissed my SO and was wheeled away.  All I remember is entering the room and being asked to lay on tummy on the bed next to me.  They had all this padding just waiting, so I was positioned properly.  I recall someone covering my bum up because the gown was opened.  My next waking moment was as I was being wheeled to recovery.

I’ve never had surgery before, at least not the kind that required me to be knocked out.  I’ve had a Cesarean Section, but we all know this is done while you’re wide awake.  I’m cool with that, really.  What I realize now is you really do just black out and awake with time lost.  There was no sensation of time passing.  I had to ask the nurse what time it was.

They offered me a choice of crackers with peanut butter or a Nutri-Grain bar.  I choose the latter because I was suffering from the worst case of cotton mouth ever recorded in history.  I soon realized that it didn’t matter, the Nutri-Grain was just as bad if not worse than the crackers would have been.  I downed some apple juice and asked for a second cup with no luck.  I now understand why saliva production is so important.  I mean, I always knew, but I’d never experienced life without it.  

One thing was immediately clear to me as I was waking up.  I had obviously bite down on my tongue the entire surgery.  It hurt.  Like really hurt.  Not your typically bite and go, but a consistent clamping of the tongue for at least an hour.  Over 24 hours later and it is still sore.  I think I lost a sense of taste as well.  Breakfast had no flavor.  Hopefully it’ll heal with no adverse effects.

Yesterday was filled with my ass firmly planted on the couch.  Before we left the house that morning, I’d laid out my knitting bag and current projects so I wouldn’t have to find them later.  When we got home I was still under the effects of anesthesia.  If you’ve never had surgery it felt like I could close my eyes at any moment and pass the **** out.  I could also very easily fight it, however I wasn’t able to really concentrate on anything complicated.  For this reason I did not pick up my fair isle socks or lacy scarf.  I started working on mini holiday stockings.  

The goal for these lovelies is to make one for each co-worker and stuff them with goodies, i.e. candy.  I have almost 50 co-workers and figure I have plenty of time if I knit up a lot during this recovery time.  I found a few patterns but I found their short row heels very awkward and was generally not impressed.  What’s a knitter to do?  Create her own pattern!  I’ve just finished my short rows and will now get to knit them up and start on the toe.  I knit a basic stocking to start and plan to add more to it once the pattern is all written up.

I’ve tried my hand at writing patterns before and I’ve always wanted to be a designer.  I think I’ve come up with a unique idea that will soon be revealed once I publish this pattern.  I’m already squealing with excitement!  I’m sure I’m not the first, nor the last, to use this idea for patterns.  Regardless, I’m going with it.


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