A Knitter’s Life

FYI this post was composed three months ago and never posted.  I’ve removed the draft status and published without edits.


Have you ever had that thought when knitting something, that one that whispers to you, “I don’t feel like knitting for this person anymore”?

That time when you’re knitting with frayed yarn all the time because you keep ripping it out over and again.  You love the garment but somehow it has created ill wishes in you towards the recipient.

This tension increases until you dump the piece all together and vow it is all the yarn’s fault.  You have just the yarn in your stash.  No, don’t bother with unraveling the mess you just created first.  Put that evil monster to rest.

You dash off to yarnia, a small closet reserved for your precious collection.  You cheek your favorites and smoosh a few more for good measure.  Your eye falls to yarn you’d forgotten all about; a sweater you’d dreamed about.

“I must knit it now!” you say.  Onto Ravelry you go, you knew the pattern was in your queue.



So I’ve been away.  Honestly I haven’t checked for how long because I don’t want to be distracted from my goal.

You see, I’ve put a lot of thought into reviving my blog lately.  It all started with a twitter message from the writer of Polly’s Blog.

Plowygle_blog updates

WordPress isn’t the only thing I left, Twitter was long forgotten as well!  I think I clicked on Twitter one day in mindless boredom and discovered I had messages.  Since then I’ve thought about blogging again because I really do miss it.

I started this blog so I’d have a history of me.  I wanted to post about my hobbies and just life in general when I need a vent.  The more I thought about it the more ideas I got for blog posts.  These were never recorded as they would come to me while brushing my teeth before bed or randomly during inconvenient times at work.

So I pushed it off until today.  While washing my face when I got home.  I did my entire evening routine chanting, “Blog Post,” in my mind.  From the moment my computer turned on I went straight to WordPress.  I won’t deny that I’ve had distractions while writing this post.

My mind floats and I guess this is why I figured I’d have a knack at writing.  If I let myself go I can just imagine the words in perfect order and write them down before the thought is gone.  This behavior is bad when you’ve thought to screenshot a Twitter post and end up Pinning something from Facebook that you’re significant other shared for you to see.  This lead into me logging into World of Warcraft, because that is how I spend most nights.

This lead on and on for a good 20 minutes before I finally arrived back on this page to upload a picture I had to snip, crop, and edit before uploading and linking.  And here we are now, with you reading the nonsense involved in writing this post.

So I bid you hello old friends.  I’ve somewhat made a goal tonight to post here once a week.  Because I want to and not because I feel obligated to.  This blog took up too much of my free time and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  I guess what I needed was to be less hard on myself and just post when I have time.  And that is exactly what I’m going to do!

I also decided, aptly while brushing my teeth, that my blog name is perfect for whatever direction I take.  I’m a bit crazed in the hectic and eccentric sense.  I hope you enjoy the journey :)


(Just so you know how odd I am; I was going through the post options, in the old editor because the new one is weird, and clicked on my Publicize Settings.  I saw a new social media app to publish to called Path.  Intrigued I signed up on the website and downloaded the app on my phone.  I was thrilled to see it supported Window’s phones because so many companies do not.  After typing my annoyingly mobile-phone unfriendly password without using my swipe keyboard I finally got in.  I’ve surfed the website a bit and haven’t found a way to do anything on a PC browser.  I did just allow WordPress access to my friends list and to publish to my Path.  Anyways, off to play WoW.  We’ll talk soon.)

Ella’s Gift

So I finished.  Weaving in the ends was fun.  Now that I’m a pro at duplicate stitch I enjoy weaving them in.  Weird.

so here they are on my blocking board.  This is the FIRST time I have blocked anything.



They are now all wrapped and bagged.  I even sewed in care labels!  Another first for me.  I forgot to take pictures of this step.  SIGH.

But it is done and now I need to focus on finishing Hey Teach! for my co-worker’s birthday at the end of May.

P.S. – I’m getting married tomorrow!

Ella’s Sweater, Part 2

So I finished the sweater.  By finished I mean I haven’t woven in the ends or blocked. What I did do, while on a knitting high, is knit a hat to match!
Here is the sweater.


Here is the hat in progress.  As of writing this I haven’t finished.  Just started the decreases so I will post a finished picture of both items 100% tomorrow (or when they are done lol).


Now back I go to finish the hat!

Ella’s Sweater, Part 1

So my fiance’s (less than a week til we’re married!) old roommate just had a baby.  She and I have never met and the interactions we’ve had in the past have been far from pleasant.

I can’t not knit for the baby just because I don’t like the mother!  So I have been browsing baby knits for the past week looking for something quick yet fun.  I settled on Dirghagama Baby Cardigan by Henriette Roued-Cunliffe.

© Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

Isn’t it just adorable?!?  I’m supposed to use a bulky weight yarn but since I don’t have anything of that weight in my stash I’m setting for worsted.  The cardi is written for a 6 month size so I’ll just use worsted and go down to size 9 needles from the called for size 10 and get something between newborn and 6 months.

In fact I’m finally going to use my Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink.  It is a perfect pale pink and I’ll have more than enough to complete the cardigan.  The hardest part will be finding the ribbon!

© CrazyPurls

Blogging News

So I got a new tablet that will help me blog.  This wasn’t the reason I got it, but it works wonderfully.

You see, I have a Windows phone that I bought because it has an amazing camera, 42mp to be exact.  This phone automatically backs up my photos, but to OneDrive when I’d like it to be Flickr since I have always stored my photos there.  OneDrive is great actually but just like Flickr it makes it a tediuous process to post on the computer.

My tablet is Droid, which I love as a platform.  The apps are complete.  To make matters worse, I also have another tablet, the original iPad.  So I have all three mobile platforms.  When I bought my iPad I got the one with the least amount of space and wifi only, so no connecting to a cell network.

What my post it getting at is now I can snap a photo on my phone and add it to my blog when using the Droid tablet with the press of a button. Since the new tablet uses my cell network, I can do thiswhile on my lunchbreak or even while knitting or watching tv.

The good news is you’ll hear from me more often.  The bad news is you may hear from me too much.  Especially now that I turned off autopublish to Facebook.   I did that so I would be comfortable sharing the nitty gritty without my Facebook friends stalking me.  I can use the blog for what it was intended for, speaking my mind without fear of hurting someone.  More Dear Diary and less sugarcoating.

The only exception is my fiance.  He already knows all the things and still wants to marry me in two weeks.  In fact, we chose out wedding bands yesterday at Jared.  I had wanted to engrave them with Soulbound, as in our game life when you put on equipment it is soulbound and no one else can use it.  His can’t be engraved because of the metal used, so mine won’t be either.  We’ll get a couple’s tattoo instead.


So I fail at blogging.

I think of all these great things to say and post about during the day, but when I get home I’m blank.  I spend a lot of my time thinking and have been thinking of buying a recorder.  I could use my phone but it’s Window’s and apps of any nature are crap.  So a small easy to carry recorder that’ll pick me up talking to myself (haha, but true) so I remember the things I’m thinking about later when it’s time to talk to you.

I think fast and it’s not something I can always slow down and write or type.  Typing is faster and it allows me to vomit my words onto a page and easily edit the parts I want to keep.  Writing by hand is slow and cumbersome.  I can’t type anything at work because I’m super busy and would rather work (I love my job) than compose my thoughts in a blog post.  At night it’s hard to unwind and do all the things that need done and sit and type out post.

I mentioned in a recent post that I found pictures so hard to share and compose a post around.  Just time-consuming when I’d rather spend that time doing something else.  So I’ve decided to provide you beautiful words here and pictures with knitting progress on Twitter.  There will still be knitting here and projects to show off, but I’ve decided that I’d rather my blogging experience be more about me than my craft.

I not a social person by nature, but I find the anonymity of the internet a great place to be true to myself.  I tend to recluse.  I don’t really know why.  I’ve always been this way and it never really bothered me.  On the opposite end, I’m an open book and always willing to share the ups and downs of my life.

I have acquaintances, but just always that.  I do get close to acquaintances at times but I never commit to live-long relationships.  Usually these are coworkers or family/friends of my partner.  People that are always there in my life day to day.  I can get close but once I change jobs or partners, I lose touch with them.  I never pursue the continuation of those friendships.


I am getting married in a few weeks. He is my perfect match (ilymtmayatloml — inside lover’s talk, he’ll get it).  I guess you could say he is the end of my long search for an eternal friend.  We share similar interests but have noticeably different personalities.  I’m shy and reserved and he’s friendly and bold.  I’m all peace and love and he’s sometimes a grrr.  I’m the healer and he’s the tank, a perfect translation from one of the online games we play together.

We didn’t meet in a game world originally, but we did met online a year before we met in real life and officially started our relationship.  We didn’t live far from one another (an hour or so), but it made it difficult to meet up more than on the weekends once we started dating.  We were able to maintain a long-distance relationship because of gaming, starting with Diablo III’s release. So gaming on weeknights was how we spent time together while on the phone.   Then Mist of Pandaria was released as an expansion in World of Warcraft (WoW).  He hated the concept of WoW because while Blizzard developed it, his favorite game (Diablo) wasn’t getting love or attention.  I had been playing off and on for several years by then and just bided my time to get him addicted.  I didn’t push, he asked.  Now it’s our main game.  I heal, he tanks.  Perfect love right there.

After a year of this long distance nonsense we decided what we really needed was our own place.  So we looked and ended up staying in a motel for a month so we could actually spend time looking in the areas we wanted.  Scored a house and we’ve been renting it every since.  Now we’re to wed on April 19, 2014 and we can finally look at buying a home of our own.  I’m even excited to change my last name because I’ve coveted his for a long time.

Odd story, but I fancied myself as a writer in high school and developed a pseudonym for myself to write under.  My real and maiden name just didn’t have what it took.  So I created “Sara Evans”, which was before the singer was popular.  She stole my perfect name thunder and so I was left with the one I already had.  I changed it once when I married  the first time. I’m still using his last name, I kept it for the benefit of our son.

I’m ready to change it again.  A name change is like a getting a fresh start on life.  It feels like you’ve been cocooned in your previous life, but ready to transform into something better.  A butterfly?  You get the picture.  In reality the name change does nothing.  It’s  just how your feel inside. Changing your name is no small thing, yet it is a common thing for a wife to take her husband’s name.  I like the idea of starting over.  Plus, I’m getting the last name I imagined as my pseudonym years ago.  Mrs. Evans just sounds fine to me!

We’d originally planned to wed on October 4, 2014

(10-4 good buddy) <—- did you get it?  kinda cool which is why we liked it after we figured out our date could be said that way.

I hated the idea of a big wedding, but if we were going to have one his entire clan would have to be there to witness it.  This is not a small clan.  I went from expecting 10-15 guests to almost 100!  I did my dutiful duties and searched for all the stuff so I could do it myself.  I don’t have the funds to really say, “here take my money and make the day gorgeous”.

Turns out, we finally talked about it a few weeks ago and I discovered he didn’t want the wedding either!  I was elated.  Our new plans included a sooner wedding, his late grandmother’s birthday on April 19, 2014.  Just a quick wedding at the courthouse.  What just hit us a few days ago is that our date was a Saturday.  Can’t get married in the closed courthouse on Saturday.  We’ll you could, but that’d involve some B&E.

Part of the new date was telling everyone that we’d just mailed save-the-dates to that our wedding was cancelled.  So we sent a letter that explained the situation, announced our new wedding date, and advised that there was no wedding to attend.  I don’t feel guilty over it either. Especially since I’m not a party person and I was honestly pulling one together for everyone but myself to enjoy.  I’d rather spend a night at home with him watching tv than playing in fancy clothes and dancing.    We’ll probably do dinner someplace for all the local and immediate family to attend but that is it.

So that’s my big news for now.  I promise to write more in the future.  I need to make time in my life for blogging.  I didn’t even tell you about how we started weight watchers and how all the healthy food has kept me busy!  Also, it has been a month since I picked up my needles.  I’m feeling guilty about that but can’t find the motivation to do it.  More on that later.